The Devil's Third (Beyond the Eyes, #3) review

The Devil's Third (Beyond the Eyes, #3)

The Devil's Third (Beyond the Eyes, #3)
Pages: 346
ISBN: 0615907881
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Entangled In Solomon's Curse

This series must be read in order. The first book is Beyond the Eyes. The second book is Dark Spirits (Beyond the Eyes Book 2). This is the third book.

Paige is so sick of Bael and Brayden trying to manipulate her. Tree and Carrie are together and happy but they are also training to help support her. She feels bad about putting them in danger but feels like she cannot stop them if they want to help her... Besides without their help she would be dead many times over by now! Now that both her parents are dead (murdered by dark spirits) they are the only family she has left aside from Nathan. She will do anything to protect them. Will she be able to keep them safe? Will she escape Bael's manipulations? Will she ever find the incantations?

Nathan is trying to become more modern and learn to trust Paige to protect herself. The 200 years he spent as an immortal so far have definitely not prepared him to handle a strong modern woman like her that's for sure! He can't let Brayden win ... Paige and him BELONG together! He was never alive truly until he met her and he will do anything in his power to keep her and her adopted family safe from harm. Will he succeed in letting Paige be his partner and not some little woman he needs to protect? How will they thwart Bael? How could Anwar betray their two centuries bond? All the family he has left in this world are Paige's eclectic group... Will they all survive the current quest?

This series gets better with ever single book! There is increasing intrigue that perplexes even the most dedicated readers. As the mysteries deepen it seems the more you learn the less you know and that definitely keeps you on your toes! The suspense is palpable and the thrills as intense as the action and adventure is exciting. The romance while being at the core of the story is enhanced by the paranormal danger all around and makes the danger all the more chilling. I can't wait to read Tangled Roots to see what happens next!

***This series is suitable for adult readers

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